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Photo Cred to the lovely Merrell of Anna Merrell Photography

Hello friends! I’m Megan. Most call me Meg. I’m a wife to my college sweetheart and a momma to two ridiculously cute little boys and the sweetest baby girl. Our family, plus two crazy dogs, reside in the suburbs of Kansas City – a city I have grown to love – but my Indiana roots will forever make me a Hoosier at heart. I’m an office manager extraordinaire by day, and juggle my love to blog, run, take photographs, online shop for my kiddos, daydream of fashion, and micromanage my personal calendar by night.. or whenever time allows. Which isn’t often, as it turns out.

I have a sweet tooth, which often drives me to bake.. and thankfully, a husband who loves to cook and grill to keep my life balanced. If I could pick a super power, I’d probably choose to extend the month of October, the Christmas season, and the number of hours in a day – none of which ever seems to last long enough. I believe there aren’t many bad days that can’t be remedied with dark chocolate and red wine. I believe in vacations. With the love of your life, with your very best girlfriends, or with your family. They are just so good for your soul. I also just believe in family. I have a really great one – both near and far, past and present, new and old. The kind of family that shapes you, loves you, and that you carry with you forever.

I’ve been photographing families and little ones for 7 years now, and the love story hasn’t dwindled. I have found that now, more than ever, with 3 children who just will not stay little – the love of capturing bits of life on camera has only grown.

For me, my favorite photos are the ones that I can look at and be instantly transported to that moment in time. The ones that capture a scene, a person, an event.. a curl that always flipped just so from the side of a child’s head.. a quick smile radiating mutual adoration between a child and a great-grandparent.. a smile so pure, so sincere, and so beautiful from a loved one passed..that those moments are caught so perfectly that it causes you to linger a little longer when flipping through a photo album.

Moments are my passion, my camera is my tool. I look forward to meeting you!